How to Get a Job in the Manufacturing Industry

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The manufacturing industry employs a huge number of workers – temporary, seasonal or permanent. These include engineers, specialized technicians, unskilled labourers, administrators, supervisors and people of many other occupations. Since the manufacturing sector is considered to be the “wealth-producing” sector of the economy – in contrast with the “wealth-consuming” service sector – it is never allowed to sink too low, even in times of recession. Now that the economy is bouncing back after a lean period, the manufacturing sector requires a large number of employees to be added to the workforce.

However, the large number of vacancies have an equally large – if not larger – number of candidates waiting for them. So in order to get hold of the most prized vacancies, it is necessary to use the best tools available at one’s disposal. These tools could be one’s good favor with a previous boss, one’s social skills, one’s academic qualifications and experience, or even excellent contacts in the industry.

The most sought-after applicants in the manufacturing industry are those from engineering or management backgrounds. Engineers are required to assemble, install, maintain and troubleshoot all equipment involved in the manufacturing process. In addition, they also advise the administration about newer equipment or innovations to existing machines that would make the production process cheaper, faster or greener.

Administrative heads are required in all industries, and the manufacturing industry is no exception. Graduates with MBAs and good reviews from their past employers are nearly guaranteed to find jobs in the higher rungs of the industry. Getting your foot in the door after a layoff, or even as a fresher, is the hardest part. From there, you can apply to other jobs, or look for promotions within your company itself. Initially, however, it is best to accept the first offer that utilizes your specialized skills to some extent.

You will find job advertisements on the Internet, in the newspapers, or in magazines targeted at new graduates and job-seekers. However, putting your best foot forward involves much more than cobbling together a resume and racing to the job interview. Using professional resume writing services can give you a huge advantage in the initial stages of the screening process.

Many recruitment agencies offer resume writing services and grooming classes, or can refer candidates to well-known providers of such services. Additionally, the geographical and social reach of a recruitment agency gives candidates access to more jobs, in more locations, than applying individually would allow.

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